Voice of Slum is an NGO that works for slum children since 2016.

Voice of Slum” was founded in 2016 by two young individuals Chandni Di & Dev Pratap who grew up in a slum, the struggles both of them endured growing up in the slum they did not want other slum children to go through the same struggles and the hardships of living in a slum and not experiencing the childhood that every child deserves, that is how Voice of Slum came into being. The inspiration and motivation behind starting the organization was the lived experience of these two young individuals.

With constant efforts, the primary mission of this Nonprofit organization is to give slum children opportunities and help them reach their potential through education and employment opportunities.

As an organization that began in a small hut in the slum with few children, today its empowering hundreds of children in the slums of Noida.