Coronavirus pandemic has created a situation of wreaking havoc in India and the world. Each person has to face unidentified challenges every day. It is a very tough time especially for the daily wages’ earners, labourers, and the underprivileged living in slums. The pandemic along with lockdown has enhanced a long list of problems for people living in slums. These are dependent on their daily wages to feed their families. But, now, they are struggling to earn even their daily bread. This pandemic has severely hurt the poor due to lack of food, shelter, and other basic needs. Millions of workers have gone jobless with their families left homeless without food and money. Coronavirus has, thus, brought the lives of these people uprooted.

In such tough times, especially for jobless labour, Voice of Slum has come forward with its helping hands. Dev, cofounder of Voice of Slum understood the agony these people are going through. He grew up in the slums and has worked hard for the upliftment of these needy people for many years. He dedicated his life to bring change to the community.

We are also giving awareness on the importance of social distancing. We urge people to wash hands and explain all the safety procedures to be followed to avoid coronavirus.

Voice of Slum has heartily started working on it from the very first day of lockdown. It provides groceries kits to the people living in slums and daily wage earners. Until now, Voice of slum has supported eight lakh people, during this critical time. We have provided groceries kits to needy people not only during lockdown but are also supporting them till today as they are out of jobs. Voice of slum is conducting all activities with proper police support and legal permission.

Not only this, but Voice of Slum has also been working tirelessly to render help to migrant labour who were moving towards their home town. These people do not even know when they will be able to reach home. We provided kits containing glucose and water to protect these people from heat and keeping them hydrated.

1st Wave

2nd Wave