Help Chandni Di feed starving & helpless kids of the slums

Dev and Chandni are on a mission to save slum children from hunger and malnourishment, providing them with the hope and nourishment they deserve.

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Much before Voice of Slum came into existence, Dev and Chandni had their fair share of struggles.
Dev, hailing from the Dabra area of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, he ran away from home at the age of 11 and stayed at railway stations. Later, Dev got a job as a ragpicker after which he eventually got to work as a waiter in a restaurant in Goa. Exploring new opportunities, Dev finally got a job as territory sales manager.

“Even though I started earning enough to live a comfortable life, my heart wasn’t happy. I knew I wanted to do more with my life, for other people. Then when I saw a little kid looking for something to eat from a trash bin, it broke my heart into a million pieces. It was then that I realized that I wanted to do something for them. I grew up in the slum too, and so did Chandni. We’ve both lost a parent and had to struggle our way through life. Today, we’re in a position to help children and we will do everything we can. ” – Dev Pratap, co-founder, Voice Of Slum.

Feed the slum, an initiative by Voice of Slum is a community kitchen where children from the slums of Noida can come and enjoy a hearty, healthy meal.
Hunger and food insecurity is on the rise! Especially in the last few years after the pandemic hit us all, the number of undernourished children in the world has been on the rise. During lockdown, a lot of people lost their livelihood that pushed them to compromise on their food consumption levels. Children are not receiving enough of the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up healthy. Without enough food or proper nutrition, kids face a variety of setbacks in their holistic development.

Humara Lakshay: Feed The Slum is a comprehensive attempt to address the various aspects of hunger and enhance education with adequate nutrition.
Three years ago, we started a community kitchen, Feed The Slum where children from the slums of Delhi NCR can come and enjoy a hearty, healthy meal.
We believe that while it is necessary for underprivileged children to receive quality education, it is also equally important for them to have quality meals enriched with all the minerals and vitamins. For a child to have a bright future, they need to eat healthy everyday.
With your generous support, we can slowly defeat this.

Our belief is that the Nutritious Meal Program has an important “socialization role”. Food should be served in an organized, dignified, equitable, and friendly manner. Towards this, our Nutritious meals and free food program routine strictly observes the following serving rules:
● All our meals are served in a clean open space which has been swept in advance every day.
● All children are made to wash their hands with soap before eating.
● Adequate quantity is served with a second helping if required.
● Absolutely No wastage of food, with any extra food, if any, re-distributed to the needy.

How you can support Feed The Slum:
You can help us by donating groceries to help provide nutritious meals to the children dwelling in urban slums.
Donate monthly and support a child with 600/-Rupees Only

Milestone uptil now:

This has been done and more can be achieved only with your generous support.
Your generosity doesn’t sit back in bank accounts. We ensure that each rupee goes to our life-changing work.