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We’re on a mission to ensure all who menstruate have access to period products when they need them.

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We all know that menstruation remains an area of acute concern where women empowerment is still a dream. In the rural areas of India, access to sanitary napkins is some sort of luxury to young girls and women. On an ordinary day, an adolescent girl might think twice about going out and purchasing a sanitary napkin. And during the times of Covid-19 Menstrual hygiene has been forced to take a backseat. It has only worsened their condition.

In India about 36% of India’s 336 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins. And with the Covid-19 crisis, this number has gone down rapidly. But now, it’s high time and we need to take action to bust all myths and stigma around menstruation.

Laado is an initiative to raise awareness and create a perfectly safe hygienic lifestyle among young girls and women. Our aim with Lado, is to break the silence and address menstrual related challenges in slum India.

Menstruation isn’t a choice but those experiencing period poverty often have to choose between purchasing period products or other essential items just to get by. We’d rather they didn’t have to choose. And therefore, we wish to distribute period products to ensure women and girls do not have to go without.

Our goal is to distribute 5 lac sanitary napkins by the end of 2025, and spread awareness among them and give them a life of dignity and respect.

Let’s overcome the taboo of menstruation while ensuring sanitary products reach those who most need it.

How to you can support Ladoo:

You can Donate 1200/- Rupees for One Girl Per Year

Milestone until now
We’ve been working to put an end to period poverty since. And we’re making progress every day.
By far we have supported hundreds of women, by distributing thousands of pads in Delhi NCR, & Noida.

This has been done and more can be achieved only with your generous support. Every girl and woman deserves equal opportunities and equal access to essentials.