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Feed the Slum initiative ensures that no child in the slums goes to bed hungry, fostering hope and nourishing futures.

Long before the inception of Voice of Slum, Dev and Chandni Di endured their own trials and tribulations. Dev, originating from the Dabra region of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, fled home at the tender age of 11, seeking refuge at railway stations. Subsequently, he found work as a ragpicker before landing a position as a waiter at a restaurant in Goa. Expanding his horizons, Dev eventually secured a role as a territory sales manager.

Despite earning enough for a comfortable life, I felt a void within. I yearned to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Witnessing a child scavenging for food amidst refuse shattered my heart. It was then I realized my purpose lay in aiding them. Having grown up in the slums, Chandni and I both weathered parental loss and adversity. Today, empowered to assist children, we’re committed to doing all we can” reflects Dev Pratap, co-founder of Voice Of Slum.

Feed the Slum, an initiative spearheaded by Voice of Slum, operates as a community kitchen where underprivileged children from Noida’s slums access hearty, nutritious meals. The surge in hunger and food insecurity, exacerbated by the pandemic, has escalated the number of undernourished children globally. Lockdown-induced job losses have forced many to compromise on food consumption, impeding children’s holistic development.

Humara Lakshay

Feed The Slum represents a holistic endeavor to tackle hunger and augment education with nutritional adequacy. Three years ago, we initiated a community kitchen, Feed The Slum, providing children from Delhi NCR’s slums with nourishing meals. We believe that alongside quality education, access to nutritious meals enriched with essential minerals and vitamins is indispensable for a child’s bright future.

Your generous support enables us to combat these challenges effectively. The Nutritious Meal Program not only addresses hunger but also plays a vital role in socialization. Meals are served in a hygienic, equitable, and welcoming environment, ensuring no food goes to waste and every child receives adequate portions.

You can contribute by donating groceries to sustain our Nutritious Meal Program or by supporting a child with a monthly donation of 600 rupees. Each rupee donated furthers our life-changing initiatives, ensuring that no child goes hungry and every contribution makes a tangible impact.

Together, let’s transform lives and create a brighter future for the children of our slums.

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