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I’m Sabina, residing with my grandmother. Previously, I sold flowers at the metro station to sustain myself. It was during this time that I encountered Chandni Didi and Dev Bhaiya, who enrolled me in Voice of Slum School and provided immense support. Currently, I’m in the 4th grade at GD Goenka Global School, where I also serve as the class monitor. This journey feels like a dream come true for me, and I aspire to become an IPS officer in the future.


My name is Sharnaya, and I attend Voice of Slum. Before the pandemic, we lived a normal life, had meals twice a day, and were content. However, my father passed away due to COVID-19, leaving only our mother to support us. With no income, getting even one meal became a struggle for us three siblings. Thankfully, Voice of Slum came to our rescue. They provided food, school fees, tuition, stationery, and more. I’m grateful to have been admitted to Indraprastha Global School. Thank you, Voice of Slum, for transforming my life.


Nazia aspires to become a doctor after experiencing the loss of her sister due to inadequate medical treatment. Her father, who sustains the family by driving a rickshaw, strives to meet their household expenses. Upon securing admission to GD Goenka Global School, Nazia expressed her determination to pursue her dream.

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