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Once the kids successfully complete the Bridge program they are enrolled in formal schooling. We cannot leave the children at this stage and hence comes the role of After school program. The main objective behind this program is the continuation of the children in formal schools. The major components of this program are:

Create a sense of belonging: Kids in afterschool programs are more likely to be included and feel like they’re part of a group. This program often has more adult supervision, and peer interaction that ensures a sense of belongingness.

Provide academic support: VOS After school program helps children enhance their learning levels through academic support in all subjects. Focusing on the learning difficulties, helping them with homework, and getting things right is the focus.
Make learning more fun: Our afterschool programs offer activities that make learning more fun. Children are engrossed in art & craft, picnics, games, etc they enjoy. We also want to offer programs like drama and music, which can help kids find new hobbies.

Improve social skills: A good program promotes cooperation, support, and respect. Along with this, the children are also given life skill education focusing on coping with stress, motivating children to continue to study, adapt and accept the changing environment. We continuously motivate them to participate in school, be regular and help them develop their self-esteem.

Provide safety and supervision: The hours between 3 and 6 p.m. are when older kids are most likely to become crime victims, commit crimes, and engage in drugs or other abuse. Keeping kids busy can keep them from engaging in risky behavior. VOS provides these kids a safer place under supervision during the after-school hrs.

Support financially: The parents are encouraged to pay one-fourth of the annual school fees of the children in private schools, while the other three fourth is mobilized from Individual or corporate sponsors by Voice of Slum. In short VOS Afterschool program supports social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development, reduces risky behaviors, promotes stress-free life, and provides a safe and supportive environment for children in the slums.

We provide supportive education and extracurricular programs with the help of 20+ teachers to 315+ children in 2 co-located centers in the slums of Noida. The impact indicators of these projects are:

These school-going children are 1st generation kids who are sustained in formal school.
Positive outcomes seen are including a secure and sustainable future, better educational performance, increased school attendance, and good health for slum children.

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