Anil Chhikara

As we drive around in our air conditioned cars, we see poverty
all around us; we see little slum kids sifting through garbage
dumps; we see little slum kids selling flowers on traffic lights but
do we really see them? Or have we become so desensitized
that we have stopped noticing it all around us?
Fortunately for those slum kids, there are some who haven’t.
Maybe it’s because they themselves were born and raised in
slums and they really know what these slum kids have to go
through, but Chandni and Dev Pratap have dedicated their
lives to bring these slum kids into mainstream society. Cheers to
I feel honored and privileged to be supporting, guiding, and
helping them make Voice of Slum the real voice of these slum
kids that we all seem to have forgotten

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 Chairman at Startup India Foundation
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